Comparison With Other Ingredients

The following tables compare SoyPass® against other protein sources in terms of bypass protein (UIP), postruminal digestibility and milk production.

Table 1: Bypass protein content

Ingredient % UIP
SoyPass 74.3
Roasted Soybeans 58.6
Extruded SBM 54.4
SoyPlus 53.6
Soybean meal 30.7

Conducted by G. Broderick at US Dairy Forage Research Center in Madison, WI, USA

Table 2: Estimated postruminal protein digestibility

Ingredient Digestibility %
Soybean Meal 89.8
SoyPass 87.3
Corn gluten meal 87.6
Meat & bone meal 54.0
Blood meal 80.1
Feather meal 69.5
Fish meal 85.4

S Calsamiglia and M/D. Stern, Journal of Dairy Science, 1993 Vol 76, Supplement 1, Paper P88, 176     

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