Organic Lemons


BorreGRO® CA reduces soil salinity and sodicity, and improves both water infiltration and nutrient availability. It is a bio-based lignosulfonate derived from sustainably managed forests.

BorreGRO CA is an OMRI-Certified source of calcium, sulfur, sugar acids and organic carbon in a soluble form.

Available calcium in BorreGRO CA decreases the sodium to calcium ratio, and thus, the sodium adsorption ratio (SAR). This reduces the abiotic stress on the crop caused by sodium. As the calcium content increases, water infiltration improves.

General benefits offered:

  • Reduced salinity in the root area
  • Soluble source of calcium
  • Higher soil permeability
  • Reduced surface evaporation
  • Approved for organic farming – OMRI certified

BorreGRO CA can be applied using standard irrigation systems used on different crops and conditions, including drip irrigation, sprinklers or flooding systems.

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