Signs new sponsorship agreement with Sarpsborg 08

- The new contract continues the collaboration Borregaard and Sarpsborg 08 have had over many years. As a general sponsor, we emphasise being a "foundational sponsor" that helps form a solid and predictable foundation for the club, says Borregaard's CEO, Per A. Sørlie.

For over 100 years, Borregaard has supported the football community in Sarpsborg, and support for football is among the industrial company's first "sponsor projects". The support has consisted of both operating funds, facility investments as well as support for children and young people.

- Sarpsborg 08 continues a proud football tradition in the city, with great support and interest. The club is run in a good and responsible manner and maintains a high level. It is therefore positive for us to link our logo and commitment to the club, and thus put both Sarpsborg and Borregaard on the map, says Sørlie.

Borregaard has generally increased its sponsorship contributions every year for the past 30 years. There is also an increase in contributions to Sarpsborg 08 in the upcoming 3-year agreement.

Borregaard's sponsorship strategy
Borregaard views its sponsorship activities as a tool for long-term recruitment, both through increasing the attractiveness of the region and through increasing interest among children and young people in subject areas that are important to Borregaard. An increasingly important area is Young Learning, which supports measures aimed at the school system and contributions to strengthening interest and understanding of science, entrepreneurship and sustainability.

Borregaard strives to be an attractive employer, while Sarpsborg strives to be an attractive city to live in. Therefore, the company supports larger and long-term players who contribute to good experiences and activities with a broad impact; sports, culture and outdoor recreation and exercise areas. In sum, Borregaard's sponsorship contribution has been decisive for many of the measures and organisations Borregaard supports. From this point of view, the cornerstone company is influencing the Sarpsborg community in a good way.