Nok 30 million in research funds

Borregaard has received a grant of NOK 30 million from the Research Council of Norway's earmarked funds for research on wood processing. The funds will be used over three years on innovation projects based on timber.

“The grant from the Research Council is recognition of the research and development work Borregaard has done so far, and a positive signal for continued focus on innovation in the wood processing area in Norway,” says CEO Per A. Sørlie.

Funding comes from the User-Led Innovation Arena (BIA), which is the Research Council's program for innovation in trade and industry. Borregaard submitted three applications for funding for innovation projects within the areas of lignin products for use in concrete, microfibrillar cellulose and new specialty cellulose products.

“Borregaard outlined good projects in their applications. They display a high degree of innovation and great potential for growth. Through this support, we can help to create new and innovative products and manufacturing processes, and create greater value in the wood processing industry,” says Anne Kjersti Fahlvik, Executive Director, Division of Innovation with the Research Council.

Borregaard annually spends more than NOK 120 million on research and development and has its own research centre with 70 employees in various chemical disciplines in Sarpsborg. Around 15 per cent of the company's turnover comes from new products that did not exist five years ago.

Borregaard is the world’s most advanced biorefinery. By using natural, sustainable raw materials, Borregaard produces advanced and eco-friendly biochemicals, biomaterials and bioethanol that can replace oil-based products. The company has 1,100 employees in factories and sales offices in 17 countries in Europe, the USA, Asia and Africa. Borregaard also has strong positions in additives and fine chemicals.