Eur 25 million in eu funding for exilva

Borregaard has received a funding commitment of EUR 25 million (NOK 232 million), for the development and commercialisation of Exilva, Borregaard’s microfibrillar cellulose.

This support comes from the “Horizon 2020 Flagship Programme”, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. The funding is intended to reduce the financial risks involved in the development and market introduction of new technologies in a commercial phase.

In connection with the project, Borregaard will lead a consortium of European companies and research institutions consisting of Ayming (Belgium), Chimar (Greece), KTH (Sweden), Unilever (UK) and Ostfold Research (Norway).

The funding will cover up to 60% of Borregaard’s project costs, to a maximum of EUR 25 million over three years, starting from 1 May 2016. The funding will be reduced if the project makes a profit during the period.

Borregaard has developed Exilva microfibrillar cellulose since 2007 through research, pilot testing and in close cooperation with potential customers. The raw material is specialty cellulose which is split up into a complex network of fibrils in a proprietary technology. Exilva has unique properties: it regulates viscosity, stabilises emulsions, provides consistency and is a water-binding agent. The product can be used in a variety of applications, such as adhesives, detergents, cosmetics, composites and other industrial uses.