Enova invests in major borregaard project

Enova is allocating up to NOK 45 million for a major energy efficiency project at the Borregaard biorefinery in Sarpsborg. In addition to major energy savings, the measures involved will lead to a reduction in COemissions.

“We are very pleased to be able to continue the work we have already put into climate and energy measures. The grant from Enova enables us to take another big step towards more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient production,” said Senior Vice President Ole Gunnar Jakobsen. 

Enova’s investment support makes up 42 percent of the total investment in the project of up to NOK 106.6 million. The next three years will see Borregaard achieve annual energy savings of 60 GWh and reduce CO2 emissions by up to 16 000 tons. The project comprises several different measures that collectively will reduce heat energy use. The core of the measures is to optimise the use of steam and to increase the utilisation of low temperature waste heat in the production processes on our industrial site. The measures will reduce the use of natural gas and electricity.

Some time ago, Borregaard installed a control and management system to provide a more unified picture of energy use in the various production units. The knowledge gained is now to be used to make production even more energy efficient.  The specific measures are the result of a pilot project supported by Enova to assess the possibilities.

“This is a continuation of Borregaard’s strong focus on climate and energy measures. For many years, the company has shown itself to be always on the lookout for more energy-efficient and climate-friendly solutions. “For Enova, with our objective of greener developments in Norwegian industry, it is a great pleasure to work with such partners,” said Audhild Kvam, Market Director of Enova.

Enova has invested in several Borregaard projects in the past ten years.  The previous project to receive investment support was biogas production in connection with the company's new waste water treatment plants.