Chair of the year: Jan A. Oksum

Chairman of Borregaard, Jan A. Oksum, has won the Chair of the Year Award. He receives the award for his role in Borregaard's positive development and achievements.

The jury states:

 “Chair of the Year is chairman of a company that was established in 1889 and listed in 2012. Since the IPO, the market value increased from NOK 2.1 billion to NOK 14.0 billion. Revenues during the same period increased from NOK 3.9 billion to NOK 5.1 billion, with EBITDA of NOK 760 million in 2012 and NOK 1.0 billion in 2019, respectively.

Today, the company is a leading and independent player in its international business segment, and they deliver competitive and sustainable solutions in many parts of the world.

As chairman he has left his mark on the company's development and performance. By virtue of his academic and professional background, as well as his strong commitment to the company, the chairman of the board has played an important role in the company's product and business development. The company operates ongoing business-driven innovation and has succeeded with strong global growth.

The jury has also emphasised that sustainability is an integral part of the business, in fact, to an extent that has resulted in the company being named the world's most sustainable business within its industry.

t is the jury's opinion that the company's development and results are largely due to the chairman's commitment and positive interactions with both the administration and the rest of the board, as well as his trusting and professional management of the board's work in and between board meetings.

The jury believes he exerts a professional board leadership and that he is a very worthy winner of the award.

Chair of the Year 2019 - «Chair of the Year Sustainability» - is Jan A. Oksum in Borregaard ASA.”

The jury consisted of Fredrik Baksaas, Anne Lise Meyer, Mari Thjømøe, Kathryn Moore Baker, John Andersen jr, Per L. Saxegaard and Gunnar Eckbo.

Chair of the Year is a private award given annually to the chairmen of the Nordic countries. The nominees are found by reviewing company data that is assessed against 13 criteria, a jury and by sending out questionnaires to board members.