Borregaard receives award

Technoport's award for innovative environmental technology was this year presented to Borregaard for the company's newly-developed process for the production of bioethanol and green biochemicals from biomass.

The Technoport Awards were held at Byscenen in Trondheim, Norway on Tuesday 10 May. The jury's final decision was based on the following four criteria: environmental technological innovation, international potential, competitive ability and a combined assessment of the winner's long-term, industrial environmental work.

“Processes for the production of second generation bioethanol are important in order to solve the challenges the world is facing. The jury therefore presents Technoport's award for Innovative Environmental Technology to Borregaard and would like to emphasize the long-term, consistent environmental thinking and work within research and development that has formed the basis of their new production process,” the jury said.


Borregaard has developed new technology for the production of bioethanol and green biochemicals from biomass such as straw and other agricultural and forestry waste. This technology involves converting the cellulose fibres found in biomass to sugar that is used for the production of bioethanol, while the other components in the biomass are used for advanced biochemicals.
This is a positive recognition of the research and development work we have done so far. Our business concept consists of developing environmentally friendly alternatives to petroleum based products, and in terms of developing second-generation bioethanol, Borregaard is at the forefront,” says CEO Per A. Sørlie.

NOK 150,000

Technoport's award for innovative environmental technology is NOK 150,000. The award is presented to a company or an individual that has developed or developed further technological solutions that result in less environmental strain than relevant alternatives. It must also be the case that the environmental technology has international commercial potential and the environmental technology must be competitive in terms of price and availability. The award winner must have an understanding of the relation between the technology and the environment the technology is to be used within, such that the technology does not subsequently lead to new environmental challenges.
Technoport is an organization whose purpose is to promote the development of smart technology in the transition to a greener economy. The organization annually presents prestigious awards in the fields of technology, science and design: Statoil's research award, Technoport's applied technology award, Technoport's award for innovative environmental technology, Technoport's young scientist award and the 2011 Design Award.