Borregaard in eu cooperation for greener bioeconomy

Only two Norwegian companies, Borregaard and Norske Skog, are members of the BIC (Bio-based Industries Consortium), an industrial consortium that is the counterpart to the European Union in the BBI (bio-based industries research programme). 

On 9 July this year, the first call for projects under the BIC was announced. The purpose of the BIC is to create bioeconomy companies, i.e. companies with a greener footprint. The funding for the companies’ projects is earmarked for measures to make both products and production more environmentally friendly. Borregaard has been a member since the inception of the Consortium.

“There are many good reasons to be part of the Consortium. For us it is a good opportunity to help to set the premises for the criteria that determine funding applications. It is also important for us to contribute to a "greener" bio economy, both in our own and others’ activities, and this is an important arena to achieve this.   

Not all companies are involved in this partnership. It is generally the leading companies involved in the processing of wood and other biomass that have joined, said Borregaard’s Technology Director, Business Development, Gudbrand Rødsrud. 

Companies can apply for funding for any project that meet the requirements as stated in the advertisements. A company can provide financing or other resources itself, and then the EU will also cover a portion of the costs. Anyone can apply for funding for the various projects; this is not dependent on membership.