Borregaard Research Foundation

Borregaard Research Foundation distributes contributions and grants for forest research and occupational medicine research. The support can be in form of a research grant, support for master's theses or as a research award.

Borregaard Research Foundation will increase the fund's capital for a period of time and assess the distribution frequency and volume on an ongoing basis. However, for 2023 we will only distribute support for master's theses.

Costs to be covered by the fund may include field experiments, lab experiments, surveys, travel costs and similar related to the master's thesis. The support amount is up to NOK 15,000.

For further information, please contact Borregaard Research Foundation att: Helge Bjørneby,

Please send applications with the necessary supporting documents electronically to within 1 May 2023.


The foundation was established 18 April 1952.

Of the fund capital's return, 2/3 should preferably be used to promote forest research. The remainder can be used to promote research on challenges related to occupational health.