How much should I dose of Exilva?

Dosing of Exilva is highly dependent on the product and system you enter it into. In addition, you need to think through what functionality from the fibrils you are looking for. Our experience is that you should start with 5% dosage of our V-products, and 25% of our L-products.

Oil-in-water emulsions may need higher dosages, for the physical network to be able to stabilise the O/W emulsion.

For barrier air and gas barrier properties, Exilva can be extremely efficient. Our experience is that you will find abilities to improve your barriers at dosages of 1-5 g/m2.

To give you very rough estimations on dosages for your system, please download our dosage guide. But please remember that these indications are high level and rough, so please contact us if you are interested in testing Exilva so that we can guide you based on your defined system and our experience.