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Vanisperse CB

Borregaard offers you a wide dispersant portfolio. Industry-accepted Vanisperse® CB offers superior performance in water-based systems that can work in organic and inorganic pigment systems. It is particularly recommended for carbon black pigments.

Vanisperse CB will help you to fully develop the properties of your pigment or carbon black system by:

  • Speeding up the milling process
  • Enable increased loading
  • Stabilising the dispersion

The optimum dispersant requirement, or DAR, must be determined empirically to obtain the lowest dispersion viscosity and prevent flocculation or settling. Higher structure carbon blacks have higher surface areas requiring greater proportions of dispersant. They will also give higher viscosities, which limit carbon black loading values.

Our wood based biopolymers are water-soluble, non-toxic and safe to use dispersants. They will help you increase the sustainability of your process.

In North America this product is sold as Marasperse CBOS-4 

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