Dispersant performance in iron oxide

Borregaard lignin biopolymer wets and disperses yellow iron oxide in water.

Our sustainable dispersants can disperse iron oxide in a diluted system at low dosages achieving better results than a polyacrylic acid.

Diluted slurries of iron oxide (2g/l) in water were prepared at pH 8.5 with a Borregaard lignin-based biopolymer and a polyacrylic acid (5000Da) at dispersant dosages of 0.01%, 0.02% and 0.03%.

The figure below shows the dispersion effect as measured with a Turbiscan instrument, which measures sedimentation rate. The figure presents the results calculated against the reference without any dispersant. The 0% dispersion power represents the reference without any dispersant, whilst 100% will describe a system that is dispersed perfectly over time.

As shown in the figure, the dispersion power of Borregaard biopolymer is significantly higher than polyacrylic acid, especially at the lower dosages.

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