EuroVanillin® Regular

EuroVanillin Regular is guaiacol based vanillin suitable for fragrances. It consists of white to slightly coloured crystals or powder. The aroma profile of EuroVanillin Regular is pure vanilla, with a defined intensity of 1,0.


Aroma and intensity profile

EuroVanillin Regular (guaiacol vanillin)




When not intended for sale to the final consumer, this product shall be labelled as "flavouring" or a more specific name or description of the flavouring e.g. "vanillin" according to Regulation (EC) No 1334/2008


The product shall be labelled as "vanillin" or "artificial vanillin flavor" when shipped to a food manufacturer or processor (but not a consumer) for use in the manufacture of a fabricated food, according to CFR101.22(g).

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