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Viscosifiers & Suspending agent

BioDrill RX is a rheological modifier that utilises its entanglement of cellulose fibrils to improve anti-sedimentation of proppant, fines, cuttings, produced solids in oil recovery and drilling fluids, along with anti-settling of particles in cement slurries. 

BioDrill RX retains its anti-sedimentation properties while maintaining its shear thinning ability (pseudoplasticity) in harsh downhole environments, as opposed to typical hydrocolloids (HEC, xanthan, CMC, and guar). BioDrill RX performs well at high water cuts, in high TDS brines, and under extreme pH conditions (1–13). The unique physical properties of BioDrill RX allow for suspension of solids at static or near resting conditions, and superior shear-thinning ability at high shear rates. This allows fluids to be easily pumpable, manageable, and requires less strain on the surface equipment

The BioDrill RX product is bio-based, renewable, sustainable, biodegradable, non-toxic, and considered to pose little or no risk to the environment (PLONOR certified).

Benefits of BioDrill RX

  • Improved suspension of solids as compared to hydrocolloids (xanthan, HEC, CMC, and guar) 
  • Superior shear-thinning ability which allows for the easy pumpability (pseudoplastic) 
  • Compatible with polar solvents, high TDS brines (minimum of 150,000 TDS) & pH ranges (1-13)    
  • Increased yield stress for better formulation stability                            
  • Resistance to shear degradation                                                                
  • Microbiological and chemically inert 

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