Viscosity Reducers

Pionera® viscosity modifiers increase yield, improve throughput and save water. Our biopolymers are effective rheology modifiers for reducing viscosity.

Viscosity reduction can solve issues due to ore changes or bottlenecks in plant design. It can also allow for increased solids content while maintaining the same viscosity allowing for increased throughput. Ultimately, improved throughput means increased metal production and increased value.

Tailings transport is more effective when pumping a lower viscosity ore over longer distances. It can substitute the addition of water, save on a scarce resource, or allow quicker settling and thickening of tailings. This leads to the following important benefits:

  • Higher throughput and higher metal production
  • Resolve bottlenecks and reduce production stops
  • Water savings
  • Improved thickening
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Higher efficiency in heavy media separation
  • Improved milling

The effect of reduced viscosity is generally beneficial with changes in:  

  • Ore properties
  • Ore volumes
  • Pump heights
  • Pump distances

In all these cases, Pionera products allow for problem solution without capital expenditure.

Viscosity data with Pionera Viscosity modifier.


Pionera L800 - viscosity reduction in gold leaching

Performance data

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