Reducing Gypsum Scale Deposition on Hot Copper Tubes With Biopolymer Addition

Laboratory work shows Pionera biopolymers can significantly reduce gypsum scale in a high-temperature environment.

A solution of calcium chloride (3.8288g/l) and sodium sulfate (4.9000g/l) is mixed to form a supersaturated solution of calcium sulfate.  This solution is kept cool and comes into contact with a heated copper tube that runs through the solution. Gypsum scale naturally forms on the outside of the tubing.

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Key takeaways:

  • Pionera biopolymers can eliminate scale build-up and heat transfer loss.
  • The addition of Pionera products can improve leaching processes where sulfide precipitation causes reduced recovery or high maintenance costs.
  • Bio-based and sustainable products are available as scale conditioners.


Gypsum scale on copper tube with (left) and without (right) Pionera biopolymer addition.

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