Reduced Bismuth Recovery Versus Cyanide in Copper Mine

On-site laboratory tests show Pionera biopolymer improves the depression of bismuth-containing gangue minerals.

A copper mine experiences issues with the penalty element bismuth present in the final concentrate. An on-site flotation study with run-of-mine material included a control, sodium cyanide and Pionera product added as a depressant. The flotation run consisted of one rougher flotation. The depressants were added at an increasing dosage rate.

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Key takeaways:

  • Pionera depressant outperforms sodium cyanide as bismuth depressant.
  • The very low recovery of bismuth allows the production of low bismuth-containing copper concentrate
  • Concentrate blending can be optimised, improving the economic results of the plant

Bismuth recovery with Pionera product and cyanide as depressants.

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