SoftAcid Tan V

SoftAcid® is a unique and patented technology. SoftAcid Tan V is less corrosive, safer to use and easier to handle than pure formic acid.

Tanneries should not have to compromise between safety and efficacy when using formic acid. For this purpose, we have specifically developed SoftAcid Tan V - a product that consists of formic acid and a modified lignosulfonic acid. It is the presence of the latter that gives the product its name “Soft,” due to its ability to moderate the aggressive nature of the formic acid, without reducing efficiency.

SoftAcid Tan V is consequently less corrosive, safer to use and easier to handle.  

Key benefits offered: 

  • Same performance as formic acid
  • Reduced corrosion on steel and concrete
  • Less evaporation 
  • Safer and easier to handle  
  • More sustainable than formic acid  

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