Borrebright is a light coloured lignosulfonate, derived from lignin; the natural binder of wood fibres in trees. It can be used as dispersant and tanning agent in the leather industry. It improves tanning efficiency, penetration and uniformity of vegetable and synthetic tanning agents.

Borrebright is stable and functional over a pH range from 1 to 13. 

Borrebright products compared to a standard lignosulfonate (at the far right).

Key benefits offered: 

  • High dispersant efficiency 
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Sustainable alternative to synthetic tanning agents 
  • Improved buffering capability
  • Low viscosity at high concentrations  

In addition to Borrebright, we offer a wide range of other lignosulfonates (calcium, sodium and ammonium) for this application. Our technical experts can help you select the right product according to your planned use, requirements and geographical location.

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