Laboratory work on temperature stability of slack wax emulsions stabilised with Borregaard biopolymers

A common example is the production of AKD based sizing formulations, which are typically processed at 110°C - 120°C under pressurised conditions.

Laboratory work shows that the droplet size distribution (DSD) of a wax emulsion remains unchanged when the emulsion is exposed to a heat cycle from 20°C to 110°C and back to 20°C.

Key takeaways:

  • No significant deviation in the DSD can be seen between the heated sample (red curve) and the reference sample kept at room temperature (blue curve).
  • Provides stabilising properties over a very large temperature range, from 0°C to over 120°C.
  • Useful additive for industries working with high-temperature processing of hydrophobic materials.



Temperature stability of slack wax emulsion stabilised with Borregaard biopolymer.

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