Vat dye additives

Borregaard's lignin-based biopolymers offer excellent dispersing capabilities and low staining for manufacturing of vat dyes.

An efficient dispersant is particularly important since vat dyes in most cases are insoluble in water and need to be reduced to be soluble, and have an affinity for the fibre.

The vat oxidising process continuously forms insoluble dye particles. Our environmentally friendly biopolymers help maintain these insoluble dye particles in a finely dispersed state to facilitate rapid re-reduction during the absorption process. In the oxidation step our bio-based dispersants ensure that excess pigment remains finely dispersed for rapid rinsing.

The textile dyeing industry is often accused of being a source of contamination to nature. Our products will not only help you achieve high-quality dyes, but are also an excellent substitute for oil-based chemicals. They can contribute to making the dyestuffs industry more sustainable.

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