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Sustainability – Dustex for road stabilisation

Dustex® is a bio-based, environmentally friendly binder for road stabilisation and full-depth reclamation (FDR).

Road stabilisation and FDR with Dustex are sustainable and cost-effective methods for converting below standard road material into good construction material.

Dustex is safe to handle, environmentally friendly and non-toxic. The product is based on lignin, the natural binder of wood fibres in trees. Lignin is the binder that holds the wood fibres together, giving the tree its extraordinary structural strength.

Dustex has earned the Certified Biobased Product Label from USDA's BioPreferred Program.

Borregaard is the world’s leading biorefinery. Dustex and our other lignin based products are produced from sustainably managed forests

Dustex from our plant in Norway also has an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).

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