BioKeram is a range of solutions from Borregaard designed to optimise your production efficiency and increase your ceramic tile quality and mechanical strength.

The BioKeram range offers optimal sustainable solutions for producers of ceramic tile and big slabs. Our products are used extensively as additives in floor and wall tile for interior and exterior decoration, big tile and extruded tile.

Benefits of BioKeram

  • Optimise cost-performance
  • Boost extrusion
  • Enhance plasticity and workability
  • Reduce pressure in the extruder
  • Decrease water requirement
  • Reduce shrinkage
  • Improve density and increase mechanical strength – higher green and dry MOR
  • Excellent alternative to more costly raw materials
  • Reduce your CO2 footprint – BioKeram is a biopolymer derived from sustainably managed forests

BioKeram is predominantly available for customers in Europe - excluding UK -, South America and Asia Pacific. Please contact us to see if this product is available in your country or to discuss alternatives we may have available for you.


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