Carbon black binder performance

Our lignin-based biopolymers help create homogenous pellets with low fines and attrition while producing optimal and homogenous strength.

Fines and attrition decrease more than 60% with 0.5% dosage and more than 70% when increasing the biopolymer dosage to 1% on weight of carbon. This will allow for proper transport, avoiding excessive dust.


Even if we reduce fines and attrition, we have no impact on the strength producing even softer pellets compared to no use. As shown below, the maximum hardness of the pellets, with 0.5% dosage of our binder, is 23% lower than with water but causing less fines and attrition.


These laboratory demonstrations were done on carbon black with 83mg/g of Iodine Adsorption, and 78 cm3/100g of Oil Absorption values.


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