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Other Products

As a complement to our own range of feed additives, we offer our customers a number of chemicals, including organic acids and sodium sulphate

We have been involved in the purchase and sale of chemicals on a large scale for 50 years. The basis for this activity was established in 1971 with the first sales of acetic acid, acetic anhydride and plasticisers. 

This product range has been extended substantially over the years. Today it includes several additives and chemicals that complement the ones we produce in-house.


List of products: 

Feed additives 


Other chemicals 

Acetic acid, food grade 



Acetic acid, feed grade 



Formic acid



Propionic acid


Sodium sulphate, 
industrial grade

Lactic acid 


Sodium hypochlorite 

Citric acid monohydrate 


Sodium sulphate,
feed grade


Acetic anhydride




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