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SoyPreme® is ideal for both milk cows and for fattening beef cattle.

The product contains bypass protected protein and oil. It provides a high level of rumen-undegradable, yet highly digestible protein and oil tailored to support the high levels of milk and beef production in modern farming.

SoyPreme is a cost-effective source of bypass protein and oil, boosting animal performance consistently and reliably.

SoyPreme protects the protein and oil while in the rumen so it can be fully digested within the small intestine, promoting better utilisation of essential amino acids and fatty acids. This results in better production and growth, and ultimately, improved milk and meat quality.

Benefits associated with feeding SoyPreme:
• Increased level of polyunsaturated fatty acids in milk and meat products
• Improved milk yield
• Improved feed conversion for beef steers
• Improved meat quality from beef-producing animals
• Improved characteristics of processed milk products
• Increased energy density without the negative feed intake effects associated with  high-fat diets.

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