Silage Preservation

Silage Preservation

SoftAcid® is a unique and efficient additive for silage preservation.

Grass silage is a cost-effective way of preserving grass for animal feed, but if not done correctly, poor quality feed will result. It is important to optimise silage conditions to keep the right protein balance in the milk.

SoftAcid provides a fast, but controlled pH drop, which is favourable to the lactic acid bacteria naturally present in the grass silage. The result is a good balance between the lactic acid and the sugar, which will give you the best possible silage quality throughout the storage period.

SoftAcid is an acid-based silage additive consisting of formic acid, propionic acid and lignosulfonic acid. The presence of lignosulfonic acid lowers the aggressive nature of the organic acids, leading to reduced corrosion.

SoftAcid products can also be efficient for corn silage preservation.


  • Efficient pH reduction and control
  • Less corrosion 
  • Good fermentation profile 
  • Reduced loss of silo juice
  • More sustainable than pure acids

SoftAcid secures a fast and controlled pH drop in the grass silage

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