Shrimp Farming

SoftAcid® Aqua Deca is a unique and efficient acidifier that can be used in all phases of shrimp production, from larval to growing phase. The product inhibits growth and biofilm formation of vibrio bacteria. It can also be used to support algae growth.

In many countries, shrimp aquaculture production is depressed by disease, particularly caused by vibrio bacteria. Traditional organic acids can be used to reduce the vibrio bacteria population, but can simultaneously create a too acidic environment for the shrimp. Water treatment (Ozone, UV, filtering) is another way of approaching the problem, but will normally be expensive.

Trials with SoftAcid Aqua Deca have been performed with good results: improved feed conversion ratio, increased survival of the shrimp in addition to reduced corrosion on equipment and safer handling.


  • Bactericidal and bacteriostatic effect on vibrio
  • Higher shrimp survival rate
  • Reduced feeding cost
  • Less corrosion on equipment
  • Reduced odour/evaporation
  • Improved animal performance
  • More sustainable than pure acids


Results feeding study (Trial in Ecuador):

Parameter CONTROL SoftAcid Aqua Deca
(6 KG/T)
Total biomass (Kg/Ha) 517 788
Density (1000x Shrimp /Ha)  8.8  9.9
Conversion Index  3.66 2.98
% Survival rate  35.9 54.98
Feed cost (Dollar/ Kg or shrimp produced)  5.12 4.17

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