Piglet Feed

Piglet Feed

SoftAcid® is a unique and efficient acidifier for piglet feed. Piglets have a fragile digestive tract, which is why we have developed a specific blend for them, containing both lactic and formic acid.

Piglets are unable to produce high amounts of hydrochloric acid in the stomach after weaning, which makes buffered organic acids unsuitable for this application.

Extensive trials have shown that SoftAcid is an effective product for the prevention of digestive problems in piglets, which results in better utilisation of the feed and improved animal performance. SoftAcid also has a positive influence on the microbial population of the piglet's digestive system, resulting in a reduction in the number of coliform bacteria present in the small intestine. Furthermore, data generated show that SoftAcid has acceptable palatability, with dosages up to 2% having no detrimental effect on feed uptake.


  • Good digestibility effect
  • Efficient pH reduction and control
  • Strong antibacterial effect
  • Less odour to avoid a drop in feed consumption
  • Can be used together with essential oils
  • More sustainable than pure acids

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