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SoftAcid® Aqua E is a very efficient preservative for the fish meal industry, where species like blue whiting, capeline and sandeel are raw materials.

SoftAcid Aqua E inhibits bacterial growth and delays the degradation of fish. The result is reduced total volatile nitrogen (TVN) and higher value products delivered to the fish meal factory. Furthermore, the product will take better care of your production equipment than other products on the market.

SoftAcid Aqua E is a combination of acetic acid and lignosulfonic acid, which controls the pH and reduces corrosion. Hence, SoftAcid Aqua E has all the well-known advantages of acetic acid, combined with reduced corrosion and safer handling.


  • Improved shelf-life of the raw material (fish) 
  • Low corrosion rate 
  • More sustainable than pure acids

Nitrogen loss due to protein degradation is reduced with SoftAcid Aqua E

Preserving trials performance by Fiskeriforskning (The Norwegian Fish Research Institute) to evaluate the effect of SoftAcid Aqua E on fresh blue whiting. A competitor product (potassium diformate + formic acid) and a control sample with no added preservative were included for comparison.

The Competitor was able to preserve the quality for 2 extra days vs the Control, while SoftAcid Aqua E was able to preserve the quality for 4 additional days compared to the Control. SoftAcid Aqua E also showed an antioxidant effect on unsaturated fatty acids.

Figure 2: Significantly less corrosion with SoftAcid Aqua E on carbon steel

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