Drinking Water

Drinking Water Systems

SoftAcid® products work very well in drinking water systems for both poultry and pigs. These acidifiers offer a strong pH effect with less corrosion problems than pure acids, and also give a high antimicrobial effect.

SoftAcid is also the only product available combining acidification and biofilm reduction. SoftAcid reacts strongly with the biofilm and causes it to detach from the pipes. Biofilm is always present in drinking water systems and is often pathogenic. In certain cases, biofilm can use organic acids as nutrients, which makes the acids useless. Removing biofilm generally improves zootechnical performance. 

We recommend cleaning the water pipes before using SoftAcid.


  • More efficient pH control than buffered acids 
  • High antibacterial effect 
  • Less corrosive than other acids 
  • Low smell - no drop in water consumption 
  • Effective on biofilm 
  • Easy and safe to use 
  • More sustainable than pure acids

Biofilm treatment with SoftAcid

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SoftAcid in Animal Feed

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