Exilva – Uptake enhancer of glyphosate herbicide in Greenhouse study

A greenhouse study shows the ability of Exilva® to enhance the effect of glyphosate against two different types of weeds, broad-leaf and grass-type.

Results show that Exilva boosts the efficacy of glyphosate, indicating that it can be used to ensure reliable weed control and create optimum use rates of the herbicide.

When two different types of weeds were treated with sub-optimal dosages of glyphosate and a varying amount of Exilva, the fresh weight of weeds was significantly lower compared to sub-optimal dosage of glyphosate alone.

Two weeks after treatment. glyphosate with Exilva reduced the fresh weight of black nightshade to 22% compared to 81% reduction with glyphosate alone.

Key takeaways:

  • Exilva can enhance the uptake of hydrophilic herbicides such as glyphosates.
  • Exilva can be used as a hydrophilic herbicide tank-mix additive to boost performance.
  • Exilva is an environmentally friendly and safe-to-use alternative to existing adjuvant technologies.

Fresh weight of weeds with increase in concentration of Exilva as a glyphosate tank mix adjuvant.

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