Exilva – Uptake enhancer of Fungicide Propiconazole

A greenhouse study shows that Exilva®, when added to the spray solution with the fungicide, improves the efficacy and uptake of the active fungicide.

In a greenhouse study, impatiens plants were treated with a fungicide with and without Exilva. Exilva was introduced as a tank mix adjuvant into the spray solution with the fungicide. After four days, the plant was treated with a leaf-spot pathogen.

30 days after the introduction of the disease, the spots on the leaves were counted as an indication of the efficacy of the treatments.

When compared to un-infected plants (not treated with disease) and disease control (not treated with fungicide), results show that when Exilva is added to the spray solution, the number of spots is reduced to less than half compared to treatment of the fungicide alone.

Key takeaways:

  • Exilva improves efficacy and enhances uptake of a fungicide.
  • Exilva can be used in a tank mix additive to boost performance of a fungicide active.
  • Exilva is a bio-based and safe additive (cellulose, on EPA's inert list).

The number of leaf spots on plants 30 days after leaf-spot pathogen were applied. Columns with the same letter (A-C) are not significantly different.

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