Bonds and Credit Rating

Borregaard has an official rating from Scope Ratings GmbH. The credit rating was established 23 March 2023.

Issuer rating (outlook) A-/Stable
Senior unsecured rating A-
Short-term rating S-1

The rating report from Scope is enclosed below.


Borregaard has the following bond issued: 


ISIN: NO0010825243
Issuer: Borregaard ASA
Segment: OBOC
Country: NO
Trading currency: NOK
Current outstanding principal amount: 400 million open bond issue
Maturity date: 20.06.2023
Coupon rate: 3 months NIBOR + 0.77% p.a.
Sector list: Industry Bonds (OI)
Managers: DNB Markets, Handelsbanken, SEB
Central Securities Depository: VPS