Takeover situations in Borregaard ASA

The Board of Directors will not seek to hinder or obstruct any takeover bid for the Company’s operations or shares unless there are particular reasons for doing so.

In the event of such a bid, as discussed in section 14 of the Norwegian Code of Practice for Corporate Governance, the Board of Directors will, in addition to complying with relevant legislation and regulations, seek to comply with the recommendations in the Code of Practice. This includes obtaining a valuation from an independent expert. On this basis, the Board will make a recommendation as to whether or not the shareholders should accept the bid. There are no other written guidelines for procedures to be followed in the event of a takeover bid.

The Group has not found it appropriate to draw up any explicit basic principles for Borregaard’s conduct in the event of a takeover bid, other than the actions described above. The Board of Directors otherwise concurs with what is stated in the Code of Practice regarding this issue.