The flavour that carries - vanillin for 50 years

For 50 years, Borregaard has produced Vanillin based on wood - the last 20 years as the only manufacturer in the world. This was celebrated on Wednesday.

- Borregaard has a rich history and an even more exciting future. When we celebrate an anniversary, it is both looking back in history, but also because we believe that what we are doing has an exciting future. Our Vanillin plant has been running for 50 years and produces more than ever, says CEO Per A. Sørlie.

 - Vanillin is one of the most valuable products we make from wood. This also means 50 years of experience, constant improvement and building-up the knowledge that is unique in the world. We have shown that Borregaard products from renewable raw materials are good alternatives to petroleum-based products, continued Sørlie.


Former employees and invited guests were gathered in Sarpsborg for a historic journey through 50 years.

Information Officer Endre Steinbru, with experience also from the Vanillin factory, gave the audience a historical presentation from the beginning of the factory, when the goal was to "twist" most of the log, to the present production.

- The Vanillin factory has been a success for all this years because we have managed to utilize all the materials from the wood. Less than one percent are vanillin, while the remaining 99 percent of raw materials are used for other bio products and as an energy source., said Steinbru.


Borregaard anniversary of Vanillin plant in Sarpsborg means 50 years of experience and constant improvement to develop vanillin from wood.

Borregaard is today one of the world's leading suppliers of vanillin and produces 1500 tons per year based on the spruce log.