R&d world class

“I am impressed with Borregaard's progression and how the company has grown since I was here for the first time 23 years ago,” said professor Herbert Sixta during the 5th research conference organized by R&D Borregaard.

Not only professor Sixta was impressed by the company's expertise and diversity, professor Lars Berglund from the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology was enthusiastic too.

“The company impresses me. I don't know of any others in the industry who put so much effort into the research and development of new products,” Berglund told Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad on the first day of the conference.


‘New opportunities for biorefineries’ was the theme of the conference that was held on 8 and 9 May in Sarpsborg. Almost 100 people involved in research, sales, production, marketing and senior management gathered to investigate opportunities for further exploiting Borregaard's potential.

Eight speakers had been enlisted, and head of research, Kristin Misund was particularly happy with that.

“These are big names in this field of research. It's really great that they have taken the time to be here to present their research projects—which contribute to inspire us who are involved in research in particular,” Misund says.

“The external speakers covered a number of different fields, fields related to different parts of our own technological platform and project portfolio,” Misund adds.

Misund hopes that participants benefited by sharing their knowledge and passion, and not least through improving their networks.

“It is important that we generate new ideas too—that can take Borregaard forward,” Misund concludes.