Nok 6 million in r&d grant to borregaard

Borregaard has received a commitment of a NOK 6 million grant from Innovation Norway's Bioeconomy Scheme. The grant will fund further development of the biorefinery concept in Sarpsborg.

The project receiving the grant aims to develop high-value cellulose products. The project may result in increased added value and new industrial opportunities for Borregaard in Sarpsborg. By way of chemical and physical modifications, opportunities are being explored to manufacture cellulose products for various industrial applications, including in animal feed and the construction industry.

“This grant allows us to move from the idea phase to a project with dedicated resources and partners. Research and development are the key to restructuring and increased competitive ability in the industry. Larger businesses are well-positioned to succeed, but support for innovation work mitigates risk and often triggers investments for companies such as Borregaard,” says director of Borregaard's Speciality Cellulose activities, Tom Erik Foss-Jacobsen.

Part of the project will be carried out in partnership with the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU). The NOK 6 million grant comprises 22 per cent of the project's overall costs, and will be spread across three years starting in August 2017.

“Innovation Norway's task is to contribute to elevate new business opportunities through risk-mitigating funding. This is particularly important at a time where there is a great need to develop the markets by offering new and better products based on Norwegian raw materials. In developing new value-adding products based on forests, Borregaard has a leading role, both domestically and internationally, with its strongly market-oriented research activities. With a grant from us, Borregaard can give the project priority, which is completely in keeping with what the Bioeconomy Scheme is intended to stimulate,” says sustainability director Inger Solberg of Innovasjon Norge.