Lignosulfonates approved for animal feed

Borregaard has obtained a reauthorisation of its lignosulfonate products as feed additives for all animal species by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

As the only lignosulfonate producer, Borregaard has spearheaded the reauthorisation process towards EFSA and the EU Commission over the past thirteen years.

"We have compiled a thorough dossier, demonstrating the performance and safety of our lignosulfonates. We are therefore very pleased with this approval, which validates the efficacy and safety of our products as feed additives for the foreseeable future", says Business Director Feed Additives at Borregaard, Tom Stylo.

This approval applies to the use of Borregaard’s lignosulfonates as a technological additive (functional group: binders) for all animal species and underlines the company’s commitment to delivering sustainable solutions to the feed industry.


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