Exilva improves cold weather painting opportunities

Exilva is Borregaard’s innovative new microfibrillar cellulose (MFC) that decreases mud-cracking in exterior acrylic paint when applied in cold weather.

Mud-cracks are a phenomenon occurring when paint is applied too thickly or allowed to build up in corners during application, or when the surface is not properly repaired. Mud-cracks look like irregular cracks in a surface, resembling cracks in dried mud. New tests in acrylic exterior paints, conducted by Marschall labs (US), show that Exilva reduces the tendency for mud-cracking during drying of acrylic pigmented systems (see Figure 1). This in turn provides the opportunity to reduce coalescent levels and related VOC levels in paint.

About ExilvaExilva®, a Microfibrillar/Microfibrillated Cellulose (MFC), is characterised by its ability to form stable three-dimensional networks of microfibers in solvents and is a unique solution for high quality products. The secret behind Exilva’s® excellent performance, is its unique combination of characteristics from soluble polymers and insoluble particles, enabling it to both physically and chemically interact with its surroundings.