Borregaard wins the Export Award 2020

Borregaard beat 101 nominated companies in the battle to win the Norwegian Export Award 2020. The Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry presented the award and was very impressed with the company.

- Borregaard is a brilliant example of a company that has managed to combine innovation, growth and sustainability. This is a green industrial adventure Norway can be proud of. Borregaard is a competent organisation with skilled employees at all levels who are concerned with sustainable production, says Minister of Trade and Industry Iselin Nybø.

"The winner has worked systematically with research and innovation for sustainable solutions in collaboration with its customers, for many, many years," the jury wrote in its reasoning.

- The Export Award is a validation of our achievements in sustainability, innovation and competence. This is an award for our entire organisation, says CEO of Borregaard, Per A. Sørlie.

Export Credit Norway, GIEK and Innovation Norway are behind the Export Award. The purpose is to reward Norwegian exporters who have succeeded in building value in Norway through foreign markets. 

This year's jury consisted of Alexandra Bech Gjørv, Siri Hatlen, Kjerstin Braathen and Jan Christian Vestre. The choice ultimately fell on Borregaard, who according to the jury has been able to readjust, and gone from being a fairly traditional Norwegian industrial company that developed cellulose and paper, to becoming a modern industrial group with a wide product range and customers all over the world. 

The products Borregaard offers the market are mainly produced from wood. The company offers almost 700 different products, almost all of which are based on biomass from wood.
"This is good ecological resource management and provides a market robustness that can withstand fluctuations in individual markets," the jury states.

The criteria for winning the Export Award is that the company must have a high export share, refer to profitability over time, refer to value creation in Norway and refer to innovation of product and/or market. Borregaard hits all these points.