Borregaard wins the 2017 stockman award

The award of the Norwegian Society of Financial Analysts for the best reporting to the financial market has gone to Borregaard and Storebrand for 2017. 

For the thirtieth consecutive year, the Stockman Prize has been awarded to the Norwegian listed company which is best at providing regular information on its business to the financial community and its shareholders and which, on the basis of principles of financial analysis, is considered to have released the best annual and interim financial reports (cf. the attached statutes). The award is divided into two classes: the open class, which Borregaard won, and the SME class, where Storebrand was successful.

This is the first time Borregaard has won the award in the open class. But in 2014, Borregaard won the SME class at the first attempt.

Borregaard scored high on quality of corporate governance, availability of key personnel, open, credible and consistent information, clear and well-reasoned strategy, market information and industrial development and equal treatment of market operators.