Borregaard increases technical service in china

China has become the world’s largest market for lead acid batteries. It is unique in its application of lead acid battery technologies, and the Chinese market has specific technical and commercial requirements. In addition to the automotive and other increasingly important sectors, there are more than 200 million e-bikes in the country, and the dominant battery technology for bikes is lead acid.

Borregaard is the leading supplier of high-performance additives to the battery industry in China, and has a long history of manufacturing a diverse portfolio of lignin-based products for the industry. This includes the high-performance line of Vanisperse battery additives, which is recognised globally as the standard for production of high quality batteries.

Borregaard has over the years built up a partnership with Shandong Jinkeli Power Sources Technology Co., Ltd. (“Jinkeli”) in order to serve the Chinese battery market. Jinkeli has been a leading producer and supplier of various products for the Chinese lead acid battery industry for many years, and employs a staff of specialised professionals dedicated to the lead acid battery industry.

The two companies have now agreed to widen the cooperation by investing jointly in laboratory facilities located at Zibo in the Shandong province. The primary focus of this technical cooperation with Jinkeli will be to support the development of improved additives for the important e-bike battery market, and for development of high performance additives for EFB and AGM batteries for Chinese start-stop automotive applications.

“With this cooperation, Borregaard believes it will be able to enhance its capability to develop additives targeted towards improving the performance of batteries for e-bikes and other lead acid battery applications,” says Attilio Caruso, Global Business Director for Borregaard. “In addition, this will also improve our ability to respond more quickly to the technical service needs of our important Chinese customers.”