Borregaard food-safety certified

Borregaard's Vanillin and Ethyl Vanillin plant in Norway has acquired the food-safety certification FSSC22000.

“Borregaard is proud to maintain a high level in terms of food safety and provide safe products to our customers. Our guidelines for food safety impose demands on the entire organisation, from management to individual employees”, says Business Director Aroma Chemicals, Thomas Marwedel at Borregaard.

Borregaard is the world’s most advanced biorefinery and the only producer of wood based Vanillin in the world.
“Our Vanillin from wood is unbeatable in terms of sustainability compared to Vanillin from petro-chemical sources. The FSSC certificate marks EuroVanillin Supreme the most contemporary Vanillin available”, says Marwedel.

Sustainability is an important trend in the food business. More and more food manufacturers are asking for sustainable raw materials. At the same time leading food companies requires food-safety certifications such as the FSSC22000. 

Borregaard takes responsibility for food safety by having good systems and procedures for quality assurance and risk management, and by complying with external and internal requirements toward the manufacture, handling, processing, storage and sale of aromas and additives. Borregaard is certified with ISO 9001 – Quality management systems, ISO 14001 – Environmental management systems, FSSC 22000 – Management systems for food safety and ISO 50001 – Energy management systems.

The Foundation for Food Safety Certification was founded in 2004. The Foundation developed FSSC 22000, the ISO 22000 and PAS 220 based certification scheme for certification of food manufacturers.
FSSC 22000 contains a complete certification scheme for Food Safety Systems based on existing standards for certification.