A career in Borregaard's R&D?

Borregaard has close to 90 employees in innovation and R&D, of which over 70 employees from seven different countries at the R&D centre in Norway. 29 of our scientists hold a PhD degree.

In the innovation process, Borregaard produces both knowledge and physical products - on the desktop, in the lab, in the demonstration plant and in full scale production. Our researchers spend 2/3 of their time on the improvement of existing processes, products and applications and 1/3 on the development of new ones.

A research position at Borregaard provides excellent opportunities for professional development in a strong and diverse research division. It is also a great opportunity to launch a career working in other departments at Borregaard.

Borregaard's R&D division is an international environment with employees within the following disciplines:

  • Organic chemistry
  • Bio (polymer) chemistry
  • Wood chemistry
  • Physical chemistry
  • Analytical chemistry
  • Microbiolology
  • Prosess technology
  • Biotechnology

Please contact R&D Director, Kristin Misund +47 69 11 89 83 or submit your application and résumé in our recruitment solution.