Lignin Sustainability

Borregaard is the world’s leading producer of sustainable lignin-based biopolymers, produced from wood. Our products are derived from sustainably managed forests and represent green alternatives to synthetic polymers.

These environmentally friendly products can be used in a range of industrial applications and markets. They are non-toxic with a documented, favourable environmental footprint, and are based on a sustainable raw material, not competing with food production.

Documented environmental footprint

Our lignosulfonates have documented climate footprints. Independent third party Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) have been conducted by NORSUS. This LCA analyses the environmental impacts of Borregaard’s biopolymers, from raw materials to finished products, and monitors how environmental improvement in the value chain can reduce this impact.

Environmental product declarations (EPD) are made from the LCA data and verified by a third party. Compared with competing fossil-based alternatives, our products provide better environmental performance than the alternatives in almost all environmental categories. This demonstrates environmental benefits from replacing the alternatives with our products.

EPDs for our liquid and powder lignosulfonates from our plant in Norway:

EPD Liquid lignosulfonate
EPD Powder lignosulfonate


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