Pouring Black Paint

Marasperse CBOS-4

From the wide dispersant portfolio from Borregaard we offer Marasperse® CBOs-4, a well known water based dispersant for carbon black pigment systems marketed in the US. It will allow you to speed up the milling process while stabilising the dispersion and enable increased loading which serve to lower manufacturing costs. 

Marasperse CBOs-4 adsorbs onto particle surfaces, imparting steric and electrostatic stabilisation. It works most effectively at high pH range (from 8 to 10). It lowers both initial viscosity and gelling on standing and helps to eliminate free water. Dosage varies with the substrate and is generally determined empirically by measuring the minimum viscosity. 

Marasperse CBOs-4 is sold in the North American market, for customers outside North America please visit Vanisperse® CB. 

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