Barrier coating additive

Borregaard's Exilva® Microfibrillated cellulose (MFC) is food contact approved, sustainable, multifunctional additive for improving the performance of water based dispersion barrier coatings.

Expected advantages from adding Exilva into your barrier coating:

  • Improved stability and applicability of the coating
  • Allows spraying of the coating
  • Improved water retention
  • Better uniformity
  • Prevents mud cracking
  • Improved barrier properties and strength

You could consider Exilva as a add-on-top additive that would fit your excisting formulation. 

Supportive technical bulletins available on request.

More about Barrier Coatings

Blog post:

Improved barrier coating performance with Exilva

Exilva® allows easy handling, good runnability and good water retention of barrier coatings in multiple substrates, from fiber molded to wrapping papers.

Product solution:

Exilva for Barrier Coatings

Exilva® microfibrillated cellulose (MFC) is a bio-degradable, multifunctional and sustainable additive that can be used to improve barrier properties in packaging.

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