EuroVanillin Borrebon

The EuroVanillin® Borrebon flavour profile is a warm, smooth vanilla. The intensity is 1.0 compared to oil-based guaiacol vanillin.


Taste profile

EuroVanillin Borrebon compared to oil-based vanillin


Vanilla is the world’s most popular flavour. In the olden days, it could only be derived from vanilla beans. No other flavour has such a long heritage, evoking fond memories and unforgettable taste experiences. Fortunately, technology can make the warm taste of vanilla accessible to everybody.

Borregaard has been providing the world with vanillin for nearly 60 years. With the creation of EuroVanillin Borrebon, we can also deliver a flavour note that is reminiscent of the most sought-after vanilla flavour profile. 

EuroVanillin Borrebon replaces oil-based guaiacol vanillin 1:1.

To be added with other dry components.



When not intended for sale to the final consumer, this product shall be labelled as "flavouring", or a more specific name or description of the flavouring, e.g., "vanillin" according to Regulation (EC) No 1334/2008.


The product shall be labelled as "vanillin" or "artificial flavour" when shipped to a food manufacturer or processor (but not a consumer) for use in the manufacture of a fabricated food, according to CFR101.22(g).

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